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Tony Tyson is a techno producer and DJ from The Netherlands. He has released tracks on several obscure techno labels that you've probably never heard of. Tyson currently lives in either Amsterdam, Aruba or some place in the UK.

As long as he can remember, Tyson has been obsessed by music. Born and bred in a quaint little Dutch village called Rotterdam, young Tony started his musical journey with piano lessons. Practicing however proved too much of an effort for the ungrateful little bastard. Still, he would later thank his parents for putting him through this hardship.

Right around the time when his voice broke, Tyson decided to pick up the electric guitar and play Nineties grunge songs (this occurred, unsurprisingly, during the Nineties). After mastering most of the chord progressions that Kurt Cobain had come up with during his short life, he took to producing music with a computer. 

Collaborating with similarly foul smelling high school youths, he produced tracks that are best described as the ugly bastard children of Massive Attack and the Fun Lovin' Criminals with some Wu Tang Clan vocals thrown in for good measure.

After composing several of these abominations and enduring multiple on stage embarrassments he quit music to pursue a professional degree. His years at university were spent mostly under the influence of alcohol although it has been said that he did manage to produce some music during this inebriated era.

After more than overstaying his welcome at university, Tyson eventually was forced to take a real job. However, the harsh reality of partaking in the rat race quickly hit home. In order to find some comfort for his soul he soon took up making music again. 

Having previously abused the genres of alternative rock and triphop, Tyson set his sights on electronic dance music, which he vaguely remembered enjoying whenever he found himself in a club. (Tyson is rumoured to sport several surprisingly supple dance moves despite looking like the archetypical "clumsy white male").

After briefly exploring the horrors that are electro house ("EDM"), dubstep and "deep" house, Tyson found a home in the lap of the mother of all electronic dance music: techno.

His particular brand of rudimentary, thumping beats, stoic synth warbles and mostly unintelligible vocal snippets is (among other things) influenced by acid, dub and deep techno. Although Tyson sometimes ventures outside this domain with more melodic and downtempo productions, his music remains firmly rooted in the techno ethos.

In 2018 Tyson continues on his journey to explore the possibilities of making music with electronic machines and find his own voice whilst (for better or for worse) bestowing his creations upon the world through his label Cortex Recordings.



'Density' is the ninth release on Cortex Recordings and Tony Tyson's sixth on the imprint since its launch in October 2017. The title track is dominated by an intense, EBM inspired synth arpeggio that ebbs and flows throughout the track, providing powerful tension and release. 'Chemical Shift' is an energetic acid workout: a hypnotic bassline provides a solid foundation whilst classic 303 squelches take centre stage.

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Naraka EP

'Naraka' is Tony Tyson's second release this year on his label Cortex Recordings. The EP goes deeper underground where predecessor 'Anaesthesia' left off, with two pounding techno cuts. Title track 'Naraka' features a manic, acidic synth sequence over waves of reverberating percussion and ambient sounds to create an ominous atmosphere.'Samsara' elicits more ethereal vibes with its delicate pads and bell like sounds but a powerful kick and sub bass make sure that this track will not disappoint on the dancefloor.

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Anaesthesia EP

'Anaesthesia' is Tony Tyson's fourth release on his imprint Cortex Recordings. The EP features two straight, dancefloor oriented techno cuts that showcase his synth driven production style. 

Opener 'Neurasthenia' is dominated by a measured bass stab which is supported by restrained percussion elements. Title track 'Anaesthesia' brings a more uplifting vibe with resonant dub chords and a rolling bass line.

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'Granular' is Tony Tyson's third release on his imprint Cortex Recordings. Whereas predecessor 'Toro' featured a wide range of influences, 'Granular' has a more singular focus on darker moods and atmospheres.

The title track is squarely aimed at the dance floor with its hypnotic, evolving bass riff which meshes tightly with rhythmic noise and simple but effective drums. 'Cold Light' starts with a frantic pace and a biting acid bassline. Majestic synthesizer strings shine their cold light on the breakdown and combined with the other parts, they make for a dramatic final act. Closing track 'Wasteland' is a more experimental, lower paced cut with a cinematic atmosphere. An idiosyncratic kick drum rhythm and haunting drones provide the backdrop on which classic drum machine sounds take the lead.

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‘Toro’ is Tony Tyson’s second release on Cortex Recordings. Featuring four diverse tracks, this EP showcases a wide range of influences and stylistic choices.

First up is ‘Tilt’, an old school inspired techno banger with bouncing drums and crisp synth stabs that is sure to get people moving. ‘Solstice’ combines dubby chords with a big vocal hook to create an uplifting atmosphere. ‘Mordfall’ is influenced by Teutonic techno vibes; a fast paced underground workout with haunting and menacing synths. Title track ‘Toro’ is an outing of Tyson’s more melodic side. The track takes the energy level down a notch but ups the emotional intensity to bring this EP to its climax.

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'Six Layers' is Tony Tyson's debut EP on his new imprint Cortex Recordings.

The EP kicks off with 'Desolate' which showcases Tyson's take on acid techno. An ominous acid bassline is accompanied by a floor shaking kick/sub bass combo and some retro hoover mayhem.Next up is 'All Your Base', a big room techno cut and a shout out to one of the oldest internet memes. The track is driven by a huge kick, a frantic lead synth and machine gun style percussion.The EP closes with title track with 'Six Layers', a more introspective track that marries a delicate synth arpeggio with classic dub chords and crisp sounding percussion.

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